About Me


Photograph by Robert Golden in Sarteano, Italy 2017


Born on 10th December 1993, in Baia Mare, Maramures (North Romania).

My family discovered my passion for arts ever since I was 3 years old. From that point, they supported me every step towards this field.

From around 1st grade of primary school, I became a very young apprentice of an amazing Romanian artist, Maria Roxana Cioata, till the end of primary school. With her I first encountered ceramics, stained glass, rules of composition and human proportions, icon painting, and so much more. I must thank her for all the time she had given me, all the patience she had with me and dedication to teach me. I must admit, I was stubborn and not always a good kid, for me everything was related to a brush, never a pencil. Thanks to her, I eventually embraced the pencil as well. I often remember our art classes and I wish that someday I’ll be as patient and caring as her to teach and initiate young artist.

From 5th grade I attended the Fine Arts School “Nicoale Tonitza” in Bucharest. During the first 5 years of general school we explored different techniques (point-seche, pastels, portraits, notions of descriptive geometry, clay modelling, etc), participated at local and national art Olympics, enriched our art knowledge. One of my favorite moments during that period was the huge team formed by the whole school to create the longest canvas ever painted. One week of intense work with the theme “Nature” could be seen all over the school, on corridors, on the football field, everywhere. Soon, the work was presented at the airport, and measured by a team from Guinness Book of World Records, in 2006. The canvas was 1m wide and 3.464m long. Amazing experience! ( http://www.mediafaxfoto.ro/Preview.aspx?Id=2139923http://www.gandul.info/scoala/3-464-1-m-record-mondial-al-elevilor-din-tonitza-271533http://www.unicef.ro/media/in-cartea-recordurilor-cu-3-464-1-de-metri-de-panza-pictata/ )


Photograph by Robert Golden in Srebrenica, BiH 2015


In 2008 I started high school of Fine Arts “Nicoale Tonitza” in Bucharest. For the first 2 years we continued to develop new graphic and modelling skills. For the last 2 years, we had to choose a specialization and mine was Industrial Design, at the end of which I received based on an exam, a level 3 certification in the field. That was the first “serious” exam I had to deal with, shortly followed by the high school general national exam for finishing studies. 

As a natural consequence of my prior education, I decided to apply at the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” Bucharest. Within the Faculty of Interior Architecture, department of Product Design. Started in 2012, interrupted in 2016 and continued the last year as a master student, in 2017. I must mention my gratitude to the professor which prepared me during the last 2 years of high school, twice a week, for this university. Amazing person and teacher, Radu Tiganco, who took a lot of time and put his effort to prepare so many students and with such dedication and patience. I can say that after those 2 years I was fully equally prepared for any department of the university. Only my desire for design pushed me to that specific specialization. 


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