Revelația Soarelui Interior

Revelația Soarelui Interior (Baby Sun Revelation) author: Giuliana Conforto publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2015   One of the most interesting requests I encountered so far for a book cover design. Roughly, I was told: “I would like a shinning brain in the core of the Earth”. As this was only my second book cover, I was stunned. After some thinking time, gathered my strength and proceeded with the design. After few interventions regarding the amount of light spread by the brain/core, the author was pleased with the cover and everything went according to plan.   ❬ Purchase Here!

Noi în secolul XXI – vol.2

Noi în secolul XXI – vol. 2 (Us in the 21st century – vol. 2) authors: Daniela Marin, Daria Gănescu publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2014 This was my first book cover and a starting point, was designed and launched in 2012. The volume in divided in two major chapters: “Caietul Danielei” (Daniela’s notebook) and “Caietul Dariei” (Daria’s notebook). This starts to explain the background of the book cover, the yellow color and the division between the two halves of the main cover. On one right side is “Daniela’s notebook” with all the sub-chapters (as titles), and on the left side, “Daria’s Notebook”, with the titles of her sub-chapters. Each of the authors presents several perspectives on different life and spirituality related topics, from there the […]

Povestiri de pe Pământ

Povestiri de pe Pământ (Tales from Earth) author: Daniela Marin publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2016 “Din inima mea pornesc mulțumiri speciale spre Irina Maria Gănescu pentru coperta cărții! De fapt, pentru ultimul an, ei trebuie să-i mulțumesc pentru tot ce înseamnă grafică, atît pentru cărțile Editurii Cartea Daath, cît și pentru cel mai drag proiect al editurii – Teatrul Spiritual!  Mulțumesc, Irina!” Daniela Marin ❬ Purchase Here!

Clovnul de Caro

Clovnul de Caro (The Caro Clown) author: Ioan Gyuri Pascu publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2016 printing house: Tiparco Some of the illustrations within the book.   “Cartea arată atît de bine grație Doamnei Irina Maria Gănescu.” source:   This book participated in the Romanian book design contest “Cele mai frumoase carti 2017” (The most beautiful books) ❬

Puterea Spirituală a Empatiei

Puterea Spirituală a Empatiei (The Spiritual Power of Empathy) author: Cyndi Dale publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2016 When given this project for the book cover, was a little stuck, didn’t know how to graphically express empathy or spirituality. After some thinking and researching time, decided to use the hexagon as the main form. This six sided geometrical shape is not only found in nature almost everywhere, but contains the number “6”, known in certain areas as the number of love and compassion. After clarifying that, the idea of the circles that spread on water when a water drop hits seemed as a good way to underline the power of empathy and it’s way to create good waves all around. As most people know, when a […]

Teatru – Vol. 1

Teatru (Theater) vol. 1 author: Daniela Marin publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2017 This is the first volume of a new collection launched by the publishing house in 2017 – a series of theater books. I was requested by the author to create a stage with the main focus on the spotlight. Starting from that idea, I tried to get to the essence of the image and kept cutting off elements until only the light remained. I find the cover to have just the right amount of mystery, as the idea of theater has, and descriptive enough not to let any room for misunderstandings related to the book’s content or nature. The contrast between the main colors leaves room for the imagination and subjective interpretation of […]