Eternul Spectator

Eternul Spectator Bucharest, Romania 2015 producers: Cartea Daath Publishing House & Teatrul Spiritual   For more info about “Eternul Spectator” click here ❬


Mes theater play – Bucharest, Romania 2016 producer: Teatrul Spiritual     for more info about “Mes” click here   ❬

Revelion cu Dumnezeu

Revelion cu Dumnezeu (New Year’s with God) producer: Teatrul Spritual, Bucharest, Romania 2016 for more info about “Revelion cu Dumnezeu” click here ❬

4×4 Personaje

4×4 Personaje  producer: Teatrul Spiritual (2015) director: Daniela Marin As it can be seen, 4×4 Personaje traveled through Romania and Canada. It was a long and beautiful work experience!    Unlike other projects, in this one, I’ve also got to contribute for the scenography, in collaboration with Bogdan Banescu for the decoir, and also with printing materials as objects for the stage. The paintings have been done on textile with acrylic and after fixed on wood frames (220x100cm). The Mandalas are based on designs. For more about “4×4 Personaje” click here ❬

Tu Smo

Tu Smo Koalicija Srebrenica event for the opening of the space, 2017 Srebrenica, BiH   For more info about this event click here ❬

Plant a Rose

Plant a Rose (Posadi ružu) Koalicija Srebrenica event in 2017, Srebrenica, BiH   For more info about this event click here ❬

Days of Srebrenica

Dani Srebrenice (Days of Srebrenica) 2017, BiH Koalicija Srebrenica events To celebrate days of Srebrenica, we organized two events, one “Selfie Trka” (Selfie Race) and the second, as supporters for CreaThera’s event, a concert and art exhibition in the park.  As Koalicija Srebrenica has one Facebook page, we discussed the idea of creating, besides posters and event covers, a joined Facebook cover.  First, the materials for the seflie race were created, such as: poster, maps, checkpoints, stickers and Facebook promotion elements. The idea with this event was to build a fun race that includes all the important spots or buildings of Srebrenica. The participants had to take a Selfie at all the checkpoints and return as fast as possible to the start point. They could participate in […]

Time Capsule

Vremenska Kapsula (Time Capsule) Koalicija Srebrenica’s first event in october 2016, International Day of Tolerance, Srebrenica BiH For this event we decided to bring people together to create a Time Capsule. As the capsule will be opened in 2040, I found fit to create a clock divided exactly in the number of years till that moment. The city silhouette on the left represents Srebrenica as a rising and developing city.      For more info about this event click here ❬