Monument for FREEDOM

You might be asking yourselves what it’s so broken about me, that I transformed a simple school assignment into a small manifest. Well…I feel!…how once with advancing in age, every person pretends that he/ she has the right – or sometimes even claims it out loud – to take a little piece of my own freedom. All together, teachers, bosses or even friends, everybody tries to cage somebody else. We are so afraid of losing, that we chain others and frequently even ourselves. Me…I want my freedom. I want to be free to live and create as I please, when I please, and mostly what I like.
I’ve been to design conferences, self development conferences, lots of kinds of conferences that supposedly should change one’s life in better. And they do…for a short period of time and only for some people. What I see…desperate people trying to find the recipe for their happiness. the recipe for a successful career, the recipe for the perfect human. They are blind…they don’t see that each of them has his own recipe, but if they would, they would be happy…because they would now what ingredients they need: they don’t know their own recipe. I do…I want my freedom; far from “good” and “bad”, “beautiful” and “ugly” , “smart” or “dumb”, far from all this stupid competition, which is taught to us since young to be of human value between “apples” and “pears”, far from all those ones who try so hard to control me, to “channel/ guide” me on the “right track” which perfectly serves their goals, leaving me, actually, in the shadows. I don’t want to get to be who they want me to become, I don’t want to obey and I don’t even want someone to understand me. I only want to be me, as I feel it is appropriate to be.
As a result, this mock-up for the monument, serves everyone who thinks like me – if such exists, if not, only me, and it’s still enough – to never forget that every individual has his own wings and his own way. What other want/ imagine or wish, related to yourself, does not exist, airs are only the desperate attempts of people that surround us to control, manipulate and take advantage of us, starting with “she got there because of me” – Wrong! – I got there because of myself. I am free to choose what I want, when I want it, how I want it. Who doesn’t approve, is as free as me to think what he/she wants, how it wants, when it wants, and of course, if he/she wants.
I want this mock-up to serve me as a source of inspiration, for a possible monument in the future. For now, will be my own little monument for my own huge wish of freedom and will be put in a high place so it wont let me forget or get lost.

I wish everybody freedom!