Koalicija Srebrenica

Koalicija Srebrenica Srebrenica, BiH (2016) logo design facebook.com/koalicija.srebrenica   for more info about Koalicija Srebrenica click here ❬


DardeDaria Bucharest, Romania (2013 – 2017) logo design (2013) and additional branding and logo restyling (2017) dardedaria.wordpress.com Atelierul de Dame (Ladies Workshop) 2017, Bucharest – Ro “Ladies Workshop” it’s divided in 3 modules of 2 days each (a weekend). As you can see lower, each module had its one subject, therefore its own colors! It even gives you a fun diploma at the end which says: “(this diploma) certifies that the lady in question (name) is an authentic woman!” Dama de Verde (The Green Lady) – poster for the first weekend –  Dama de Roșu (The Red Lady) – poster for the second weekend – Dama de Negru (The Black Lady) – poster for the last weekend – ❬