Days of Srebrenica

Dani Srebrenice (Days of Srebrenica) 2017, BiH

Koalicija Srebrenica events

To celebrate days of Srebrenica, we organized two events, one “Selfie Trka” (Selfie Race) and the second, as supporters for CreaThera’s event, a concert and art exhibition in the park. 

As Koalicija Srebrenica has one Facebook page, we discussed the idea of creating, besides posters and event covers, a joined Facebook cover. 

First, the materials for the seflie race were created, such as: poster, maps, checkpoints, stickers and Facebook promotion elements. The idea with this event was to build a fun race that includes all the important spots or buildings of Srebrenica. The participants had to take a Selfie at all the checkpoints and return as fast as possible to the start point. They could participate in teams or as individuals. The first 4 teams to be back won the prizes. 

Going back to the graphic design, for a better understanding of the event/contest and it’s rules, I chose for the poster the contour of a phone positioned as would if somebody would take a selfie at that moment. As the main attraction were the prizes, I decided to make them stand out by positioning them inside the phone’s contour. The background choice is to emphasize the idea of a map and the city silhouette to underline that the race is taking place in the city for the purpose of showing the beauty and heritage of the small region. 

The map is accurate and designed to show exactly what the contestants are looking for during the race, each image being individually designed to represent the checkpoint. 


For more info about this event click here

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