Noi în secolul XXI – vol.2

Noi în secolul XXI

Noi în secolul XXI – vol. 2 (Us in the 21st century – vol. 2)

authors: Daniela Marin, Daria Gănescu

publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2014

This was my first book cover and a starting point, was designed and launched in 2012. The volume in divided in two major chapters: “Caietul Danielei” (Daniela’s notebook) and “Caietul Dariei” (Daria’s notebook). This starts to explain the background of the book cover, the yellow color and the division between the two halves of the main cover. On one right side is “Daniela’s notebook” with all the sub-chapters (as titles), and on the left side, “Daria’s Notebook”, with the titles of her sub-chapters. Each of the authors presents several perspectives on different life and spirituality related topics, from there the variety of colors and the vertical stripes. 

The drawings at the end of the page are part of “Daria’s Notebook” as illustrations for some of the texts, these two being from the sub-chapters called: 

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