Puterea Spirituală a Empatiei

Puterea Spirituala a Empatiei

Puterea Spirituală a Empatiei (The Spiritual Power of Empathy)

author: Cyndi Dale

publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2016

When given this project for the book cover, was a little stuck, didn’t know how to graphically express empathy or spirituality. After some thinking and researching time, decided to use the hexagon as the main form. This six sided geometrical shape is not only found in nature almost everywhere, but contains the number “6”, known in certain areas as the number of love and compassion. After clarifying that, the idea of the circles that spread on water when a water drop hits seemed as a good way to underline the power of empathy and it’s way to create good waves all around. As most people know, when a raindrop hits the water, not only that it creates circular waves, but also those waves, after reaching the limit of the water area, even if not that visible, they return to the starting point – where the raindrop fell in the first place – just as empathy does. Also, water is the vital substance on this planet, it sustains life in all organism, as well as in the human body. So choosing shades of blue as a main color was the way to go. The bright yellow in the middle represents the spiritual part of everything often associated with a warm light. In this case, our inner self and supplier of energy and empathy. 

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