Rock & Peace

Rok i Mir (Rock and Peace)

“muzika za društvene promjene” (“music for positive change”)

Event organized with the help of USAid, CRS, Pro Buducnost in Srebrenica, 2017, BiH.

The event was divided in two moments, days. One being a workshop day in which the attendants got to increase their knowledge on the major music (rock and peace orientated) figures not only in BiH, but international as well.

Was sent a folder with images of the most important musicians of all time and requested to create some sort of collage for the poster.

As the event was mostly rock music related, I thought that a guitar is needed to emphasize this. Therefore, the idea of creating a collage as the body of a base guitar would not only show the relationship with music but would also underline the principle of togetherness and peace that all of the presented musicians where spreading through their music and the principle of unity as well.

The second moment was a concert offered by local musicians together with participants from the workshop, with music also related to the topic of peace and positivity. The difference in colors between the workshop’s poster and concert’s poster is meant to show the difference between those two, the concert being more colorful due to the regular concert lights and high level of music in some sort of opposition with the informal education given through the workshop.

The other elements created where small tokens to remember the event and the positive message such as the “Mir Brate Mir” (Peace, brother, Peace) badge and the event’s sticker.


U Srebrenici danas antiratna muzička radionica “Rok i mir”

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