Teatru – Vol. 1

Teatru (Theater) vol. 1

author: Daniela Marin

publishing house: Cartea Daath Publishing House, 2017

This is the first volume of a new collection launched by the publishing house in 2017 – a series of theater books. I was requested by the author to create a stage with the main focus on the spotlight. Starting from that idea, I tried to get to the essence of the image and kept cutting off elements until only the light remained. I find the cover to have just the right amount of mystery, as the idea of theater has, and descriptive enough not to let any room for misunderstandings related to the book’s content or nature. The contrast between the main colors leaves room for the imagination and subjective interpretation of every reader, as well as shows the often used technique in theater of clarity and obscurity. As for the future volumes in the collection, the main color for each will be changed based on the nature of the theater plays published within the volume.

The elements displayed at the bottom of the page are the media advertising for the book’s launch. As you can see, the same idea as of the cover was maintained and the idea of theater even more underlined.

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