Koalicija Srebrenica

Coalition of Srebrenica

Koalicija Srebrenica

Vremenska Kapsula

“Time Capsule” – november 2016

The main goal for celebrating International Day of Tolerance, in Srebrenica, was to bring people together and bring down the tensions created by recent political situation through promoting equality, unity, tolerance and a positive atmosphere.

                  After a session of brainstorming, Koalicija Srebrenica, a group of several NGOs, developed the idea of a Time Capsule which would bring together all people of Srebrenica for several events.

                  The main event was the Time Capsule, in the Cultural Center, decided to be opened in 2040, people of all ages gathered to leave their memories, thoughts and feelings for the future generations, in the capsule. Small interviews that answered the question: “What’s your message for 2040?” were recorded, and then placed along with all the other items. “Tolerance Coffee” was there, waiting for everyone, which led to discussions on different topics and in a nut shell, a lot of fun and positive attitude. The capsule was beautifully decorated by origami birds carefully made by kids, that represented their vision about what tolerance means. At the end, they were also placed in the capsule, as a reminder of children’s joy and optimism.

The capsule will remain in the Museum until it’s opening day, 16 November 2040.

Accompanying the main event, was a photography exposition in the hallway, regarding people and places in Srebrenica, and also a beautiful painting exposition organized in Sara.

                  As a final event, our guest, Stefan Savičić, presented a short film, “SIGEMBR”, hosted by Youth Council Srebrenica, in Motel Alić, directed by him during an international project involving several countries, regarding xenophobia and the issues it brings. The movie was followed by discussions on the topic and the changes that need to be made in order to achieve a higher level of tolerance, understanding and peace. “Tolerance Coffee” was also present here, along with celebration cakes.

                  It was an interesting and beautiful day that achieved its goal by bringing people together for the same cause and developing a better understanding and communication within the society.

                  Thanks to everybody who helped make this possible!

source: http://thecompletefreedomoftruth.com/blog/srebrenica-time-capsule-2016 

Vremenska kapsula: Vidimo se 2040. godine

 Posadi ružu!

“Plant a rose!” event on Guber, 21st march 2017.


“Posadi Ružu” na Guberu za ljepšu Srebrenicu

Selfie Race

Organized during Days of Srebrenica, this event was meant to show thru a series of strategically important locations the richness of the city. 

In order to win the prizes, participants had to reach all the locations, based on a map they received at the beginning of the race. 

Upoznaj Srebrenicu: Održana #SelfieTrka

International Day of Cultural Differences

may 2017

Tu smo!

Opening of the coalition’s space in july 2017. 


Special thanks to Robert Golden for these wonderful photographs and for all his help!


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Koalicija Srebrenica otvara svoj prostor u centru grada